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There really isn't anything special to say about this manga. The relationship is about as organic as most other BL manga and the plot is just kinda. there. It's not terrible but it's not great either.
*SPOILER ALERT* The art is really good but the plot is mediocre at best. Kaori and Ryosuke are childhood friends who enter into a relationship after Ryosuke forces himself on Kaori and makes her feel bad for not being in love with him.While the end of the story is really cute and fully consensual, the first three or four chapters are a no from me fam. (Plus the contrived love triangle that isn't, really can we not?)
It just wasn't very believable and I found myself more interested in the father and son subplot than the supposed romantic focus of the story.
Parts of it were good but it was kind of frustrating seeing the main character being mistreated, especially over a misunderstanding. I just couldn't look past it.
It was refreshing reading a story that focussed so heavily on developing the relationship between the two characters, but it's not without flaws. It does still have the tried and true "misunderstanding for plot convenience" that's so common in romance manga and certain aspects of the story are never fully resolved.Still, I don't regret reading it and would definitely recommend people give it a try.
A really good story! Kazumi is a really headstrong workaholic who's journey into the world of love is as hilarious as it is sweet. The chapters also feature a ton of the thoughts and actions of Satoru so you get both sides of the story for a complete understanding of the characters and what motivates them. I only have two complaints, which is why this is 4 instead of 5 stars for me: Kazumi cries way, way too much for my taste, and Satoru's name changes to Satoshi at some point. I'm not sure if it's a translation error or a simple mistake but the inconsistency for something you're paying for is a little disappointing.
The art style is super cute and the characters are really interesting. I hope there are more chapters to come, as I'm simply not satisfied with the way things left off!!
I'm so excited to see where this story goes. I love yandere characters and the hint of stalking we've already gotten is so interesting, hopefully this story delves further into the psychological aspect instead of just paying it lip service.
The main couple of this manga is yet another story that romanticizes abuse and sexual assault. I liked the other couples in the later stories, but I wish this one hadn't even been included in the first place. Abusive stalkers who treat you like garbage and assault you for having friends is not sexy in my opinion.
The art to this was pretty good but the story just isn't there. Nothing that's introduced really gets resolved in any form of a satisfying way, and pretty much every character has been sexually assaulted or is the one doing the sexually assaulting.If you're into that kinda thing it's fine but I'm not and definitely wasn't expecting how bad it was.