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these two are m e s s y but honestly I'm here for the drama (plus the art style is so gorgeous)
CRIES IN SAPPHIC this story is so, so good! I love how mature it is, yet how the author treats their characters with gentleness and care. I'm so happy for our main characters, this was an instant classic for me!
I love this series so much. Their relationship develops into something so wholesome, misunderstandings are actually talked through rather than festering for chapters on end, and characters working in the porn industry are portrayed in a much more sympathetic and understanding light than most pieces I've read involving sex workers. I'm definitely sticking with this one until the end, rooting for Natori and Seo the whole way there.
I'll repeat what another reviewer said: this manga was great until, out of nowhere, sexual assault is introduced to the story and the conclusion of everyone is that it's the victim's fault. I feel like I've been slapped in the face, it's so tonally dissonant and honestly I kind of feel betrayed. The story is cute but once the "rival" character is introduced things go downhill immediately.
I love this story a lot. It's really cute, which is such a weird thing to say about a story that's very ostensibly PWP but I really like the dynamic between Nana and Kei. I will say I was a little confused at one point when one character alleges the other isn't gay, since at no point in time was this established and given how they met it's...kind of a bit silly to assume that? But whatever, it's one of the most overused clichés of the yaoi/BL genre.
The story feels incomplete and also, like, I get that the Hiromi is supposed to be possessive but I don't really like how he mistreats Chinatsu. Sometimes this kind of story can be done well, but this doesn't feel like a lot of care went into it.
The first story is so funny, I love how ridiculous and over the top it is. After the main couple is three one shots, with the first one involving an adult baby kink scenario; it's personally not my cup of tea but I'm not here to judge, just letting people know about it so they're not surprised when they see it.
The romance, for me, seems kind of rushed, but the mystery behind his apparent time travel and the rush of the climax were so good I would say it's worth it to at least rent and read once.
The basic premise is a good idea and the art is fine, but once again it's a story full of sexual assault (not perpetrated by the MC thank God). The chemistry between the two is also a little forced.
It's just personally not my thing. The two lead characters are cute but their romance feels a little forced, especially since they go from being absolute strangers to "in love" after banging like, once. I just prefer a bit more of a chase.