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The art was cute, but I kept waiting to find out why Kei took calls during sex and there just didn't seem to be any reason for that or any of Kei's behaviour other than he was a spoiled brat with no self awareness and no regard for anyone's feelings but his own
The blurb didn't really appeal to me, but I've enjoyed both other stories Renta! has from Tsutako Tsurusawa, so I gave it a go and I'm glad I did. Regardless of this being about childhood friends, a trope I'm not crazy for, I really enjoyed this.
As far as ABO, this was kind of average. I've read worse and I've read better. There wasn't really enough plot going on for me. I feel like the mangaka maybe had an idea for the plot, but it doesn't feel fully developed. I think with one more chapter, the plot could have been a bit more solid. And for those thinking that they don't mind PWP, there isn't really enough smut for it to fall under that category.
This was cute, and the art was nice... the nipple complex wasn't nearly as much of a plot driver as I had hoped. I think overall, the third story, Our Relationship, was my favourite.
This was smutty with a nice dose of cute.
This looked promising, but I was worried it would be just your typical oil tycoon comes and sweeps the uke off his feet, and oh, he's a prince too. I figured I would just get the first chapter to start, but then immediately ending up getting the rest of the chapters. This story is just really cute and has a nice amount of smut. Mind you, I am partial to characters that are, or seem to be, apathetic.
First off, this is one of those manga where the cover art is a lot nicer than the rest of it... not that it's horrible. The cover is quite nice, but the actual art inside is average. The stories are enjoyable, but nothing to write home about. Sleeping/Trapped/Falling for the Enemy (C1-3) is the main story about two co-workers who hate each other. I think this would have been great as a full volume, with a slower development from hate to love. Overall, it was good. 1+ point for rimming. The Straight Guy and the Beast (C4) is a man how masturbates to rented AV at a manga cafe and accidentally rents a gay porn video. Smut ensures. It was okay. A 32-Year-Old Virgin Gets Felt Up (C5) on a train but gets rescued by another dude. They fall in love and bang. It was cute. The School Nurse is After Me (C6) I dislike the school nurse/student trope, but if that is your thing, you'd probably enjoy this smutty short. The Straight Guy(?) and the Beast (C5 extra) is a nice extra piece of smut.
Just another generic BL story where the sex is dubcon at best, but flourishes into love once the uke realizes how much the seme cares for them. If you find holding someone against their will and forcing them to have sex without, then this is the story for you. 2 stars instead of 1 because the art was nice and consistent.
Some of the stories in this collection are good, some are okay, and some just aren't. The art is good, nothing amazing, but consistent & is easy on the eyes. I didn't really care for The Animals in Love (C1-2 + extra). The yankee who likes cute things has been done before, and better. Even with two chapters, there isn't much to this story. I think there should have been less focus on the smut and more on the fluff.Internal Scale & The Heart's Paradigm Shift (C3-4, same couple) was cute, with a nice balance of fluff, angst and smut. I'm Weird But Please Love Me (C5) involves a salaryman and a somewhat psychotic maintenance man. I liked this, but I wish it was more twisted. If you're going to go there, go big or go home. I do love a really good stalker BL story. And this was just average for me... but a good attempt for a one chapter story.
The art is nice enough, but isn't a stand-out for me. The plot is unoriginal, rushed and lacking substance. It wasn't fluffy enough to qualify as cute, nor was there enough angst to be considered moving. If you want a quick, light, easy read, than this will do just fine.
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