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This story is spicy. I'd recommend it.
An isekai story about a girl who gets stuck in a BL world, super awesome and curious where this is going to go. More isekai/reincarnation stories please!
If you like watching kdrama or jdrama, this is the manga for you. I really enjoy all the (actually kinda) grounded reality it has for a romance story. Kind of like a kdrama? That kind of grounded reality? Hehe anyways, dead serious, check it out if you find yourself really enjoying drama shows. It's gooooood.
Lol this manga is great, if you like "Overcumming Writer's Block", then you'll probably really enjoy this too. I mean the drama isn't as high and intense as the other one (love rivals going for the same girl plot) , but this one makes you laugh and smile a lot while still feeling the silliness of these two noob people at love. I love it, worth.
Cute, sweet, and short. Simple.
I gave this a 4 because overall I had a fun time reading it! BUT, honestly I think for this kind of storyline, I prefer "my younger boyfriend has a time limit", they flesh out the love interest a lot more and make you feeeeeeeel, so story gets more like a 3 star. This is pretty juicy though, so if you like juice, there's plenty!! I thought this was going to be a threesome, but surprisingly it wasn't! Give it a read if you feel like reading a love triangle!
These characters are from Body Suit Fetish! They were the club members/friends in the last one, but now they have their own story! This story definitely took me on a fun ride! I really enjoyed the first story, so I had really high expectations of this one! It definitely met it all the way. Although I will point out that it isn't as strong as Body Suit Fetish, but I still feel that the quality of the author's writing and drawings are still superb and worth the money.
This was cute, I guess? If you enjoy the boy bullying the girl, and when I say bullying, it's the kind where you have to look over how it actually doesn't work well IRL and instead think of the mindset of "oh he's just doing it because he likes her, aww." I think it is a nice read if you want something really short simple, and not too out of the ordinary of boy likes girl genre. I was ok with this story personally, there wasn't anything too special about it.
2 chapters so far and it's super interesting. I like how the girl isn't a sucker for things, she feels real. I want more :V
Meh. It was a simple and straightforward plot. I've read more cuter 67 page ones. The art is ok too. Everything is colored though, that's a plus! Read it if you have some extra tickets and you want a simple cute story.
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