Another Day of Loving Instead of Killing

Manager Director Kodai Okuhira has everything: the looks, the smarts, the background, and a new, beautiful secretary, Yukino Miyachi... "Secretary", however, is not all that she is. She has appeared in his life on orders to kill him, as she is a highly skilled assassin! One day, as she is working on her mission to find out more about him, she ends up crossing paths with Kodai's naughty side and they end up spending the night together - without protection...! After that one night, it seems that Yukino's life completely changes!

This is the story of a romance between a popular tactician and an inexperienced heroine with a double life!
Will she be able to balance a life with her horn dog of a new husband as well as planning for his execution!?

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Another Day of Loving Instead of Killing (1)

Yukino is the secretary to the CEO-to-be Kodai Okuhira, but also the assissin who's been sent to finish him off. However, one special night ends with a surprise...![33pages]
Pages: 33
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Another Day of Loving Instead of Killing (2)

Yukino is prepared to lose her job after spending the night with her boss. But is that really what will happen...?[32pages]
Pages: 32
Rent (48hrs) : $

Buy : $2.00


Another Day of Loving Instead of Killing (3)

Yukino asks for advice on how to deal with the sudden proposal. She doesn't want to marry, but the people around her encourage it, so she decides to hurry up and finish him off...[31pages]
Pages: 31
Rent (48hrs) : $

Buy : $2.00


Another Day of Loving Instead of Killing (4)

Yukino lives her life as a newly-wed woman and as a couple, things seem to be going well. She's determined to find out more things about her target before finishing him off, but then she overhears him talk and decides that enough is enough...[30pages]
Pages: 30
Rent (48hrs) : $

Buy : $2.00



author : Monaka ToyamaRo Shimafuku publisher : CLAP Comix Kyou mo Korosezu ni Aishiai dake

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