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This is a beautiful story, Junta and Miumi are perfect. Junta is her unsuspecting Prince Charming, and Miumi a very distressed mermaid princess. I recommend this to anyone who is sucker for modern fairytale romance with some heated intimate scenes (>////<). Of course there are things that I wish the author had explained but nothing I'll cry over, because overall I loved the story. A 100% definitely worth the points.
It was too fast pace, and no real resolution. The mc was not really to my taste; she was just allowed the guy do whatever he wanted. Art work was nice though.
I love it! And I 100% recommend!!!! Worth the points and worth the excruciating wait for new releases!!!
Cute! Definitely worth the points!
I found it very steamy but very sweet how she went to those lengths to be with him. Wish there were more chapters though!!