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My unsung bias. I love age gap relationships so my opinion may be a bit bias, but I love this manga. I'm reading it faster than it's available and it's killing me. The heroine is super sweet and thoughtful which contrasts with the older protagonist. He's the stereotyped heartbroken ex that affected the outcome of his writing, but the heroine steps in like a breath of fresh air. I love the progression speed and although there are similar plots, this one really is worth the read!
So far so good. The story is somewhat cliche, but personally I like it and the story is interesting none the less. I really enjoy the light-hearted momements between the mc and her siblings, however, there are moments that may trigger some readers as stated in a different review. Although it's early into the series, I really love the older brother Shinobu. I think he would complement the main character, Saki, very well and I would prefer to see them together in the end, but it's still to early to tell and it seems like the direction may go towards the middle brother as the story progresses. Still, I look forward to reading more and finding out who ends up with Saki.
I love the uncle in this story. There's something about mature guys with glasses that make your heart flutter. And when they take off their glasses, you know things are about to get serious. There's also a playful character in the manga. In my opinion he's a little over-kill, but the story itself is sweet and simple. I wish each chapter were longer!
I love the art and the story. It's so beautiful and well written, however, I hope the story doesn't stray too far from the main characters. It feels like since more characters have been introduced the main characters (daughter and father) are being more divided instead of bonding as much as they did. I really want them to be together in the end, but it feels like there has been a romantic shift discouraging me from purchasing the new manga. :p I would rather leave it as an open ended story than have her chose someone other than her father... T_T it would be heartbreaking.
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