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What an absolutely wonderful book. I highly recommend anyone to read this--it's extremely sexy, and I liked the story as well (although there isn't so much story to speak of, mostly just fun moments between the love interests). I really like Nana, both in "girl mode" and "boy mode"...I can definitely understand how Kei fell head over heels for him :^) I thought the chapters had a good mix of both girl and boy mode also--I prefer when stories with crossdressing have the characters change up the way they dress often, and this book checked that box. Overall, it's lighthearted, horny, and features absolutely gorgeous art.
Moccori Kirima is one of my favorite BL authors so I was very excited to see this title here in English! Her art is gorgeous, full of expression and movement, and it's super sexy as well. She also dives a lot into horror/alternative BL stories, which are irresistible to me! The eroticism in this book is wonderful. I love all the r-18 scenes...Kirima-sensei's art is very melty and natural-looking, so it's horny but also enjoyable to look at. The relationship between the teacher and Magaki isn't the focus of the story, but they're drawn to each other in this almost supernatural way which I find fun. As for the horror aspect, I like the variety of creatures and how they're all drawn to the teacher in spooky/sexy ways.I agree with what a lot of other reviewers said, about the stories seeming disjointed. I think if you read slowly, it all makes sense, but there is definitely a lack of "flow" in certain parts.I'm hoping for more of Kirima-sensei's works to appear in English soon!
This comic is so sweet and sexy. (I have read the JP version before many times, I was hype to see it here). It's set in a "Dom/Sub Verse" where everyone has a secondary gender, either dominant or submissive. There's a lot to like here, but I particularly enjoy how it toes the line between the dom giving out "punishment" (sexy) and "praise" (heart-warming and cute). I also love the muscular sub letting his partner take control. They really grow into their relationship and it's fun to see how they react to one another.
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