Cross-Dresser Therapy -Make Me a Shameless Bottom-

How can someone so nice and pretty get turned on by someone like me?

Ever since he was groped on the train, college student Kei's been scared of men. But, the incident also left him hungering for taboo pleasures... Driven by the raging conflict between his mind and body, Kei visits a crossdresser "massage" parlor. There, he finds himself opening up completely to a "gal" named Nana, despite knowing there's a guy under those clothes. Kei's overwhelmed at first by his body's sheer sensitivity, but he soon starts wanting it... deeper. Blushing and hesitant, he musters the courage to spread his legs for Nana...!

"We only just met, and my finger's practically making you melt... Oh my god, Kei. You're coming so hard with your whole body."

An innocent college student with a weakness for pleasure seeks a lesson in bottom play from a masterful crossdresser!

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Cross-Dresser Therapy -Make Me a Shameless Bottom- (1)

An inexperienced but pleasure-loving college student meets an ultra-skilled, crossdressing "masseuse" who shows him the ecstasy of being taken from behind![30pages]
Pages: 30
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Cross-Dresser Therapy -Make Me a Shameless Bottom- (2)

Just when things start heating up, Nana warns Kei not to get too hooked on "massage" parlors, and for good reason! What's Kei going to do when faced with the prospect of never seeing Nana again...?[28pages]
Pages: 28
Rent (48hrs) : $1.00


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Cross-Dresser Therapy -Make Me a Shameless Bottom- (3)

The day's finally here... Kei's date with Nana! Not only is he nervous about Nana being in guy mode, but where they end up going proves to be even more of a shocker![28pages]
Pages: 28
Rent (48hrs) : $

Buy : $2.00


Cross-Dresser Therapy -Make Me a Shameless Bottom- (4) NEW

Nana invites Kei over to his apartment, where Kei finds a mountain of cosplay outfits! Will he try one on? Kei continues to lose his innocence and discover new joys in its place...[28pages]
Pages: 28
Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : Taro Kawayuka publisher : SHU-CREAM POP Josou Oniisan ga Nonke wo Torotoro ni naru made Kaihatsu shitara

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