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Honestly so adorable!!! Reluctant sub x soft dom, but of course it's just them learning their relationship together! Kind of a slow burn but I love how they actually talk about boundaries, past issues, consent, etc it's emotionally very satisfying so far. Also I love the caring dom trope, feeding you every day TT the dream.
Oh my god the emotional rollercoaster of falling in love and chasing your dreams and growing up and then no spoilers but the ending is one of the most thematically satisfying and emotional endings ever. Ykno how often endings are like, they're happy, but this is actually tying up loose character arcs while giving romance and sex and tears and joy. I'm truly in awe go read this now!!
Ahhh wish there was more!!!! I love the art,the plot twists, and the humor. Like Yuu in the chapter being like you all know I was a top ??? LOL. There is a happy 3p ending and the point of choosing love choosing was exactly what I enjoy subverting the fated love trope
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