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Absolutely phenomenal. One of my favorite series on Renta by far. The mutual respect, the openness of the relationship, their rich personalities. Amazing. And the art is beautiful and the sex scenes are hot too. I only wish the chapters would come more frequently because I always want to read more.
The story is interesting, however the way the second chapter ended makes it seem like the artist gave up on the project. It's incomplete.
I don't know what to do with my life now! That was so consensual! So Sweet! The characters were well rounded. The story was funny and pure and steamy. And I just...I can't. I can't. Is there a sequel? Can there be? Why can't more yaoi be like this? Buy it, you won't regret it.
It's unique, and sexy with great art. But it loses a star because a certain character who should have been beaten to a bloody pulp got off scot-free. The translation wasn't the best, and I wasn't a fan of the main character wanting to be a "chick". Also, the story telling/ and incongruous scene jumping could have been better executed. But I do appreciate that the story gave Shota academic prowess to balance his extreme naivety, and has earned back a star for not going along with the annoying inexperienced uke is bad at everything trope.
I want a freakin sequel! Ooh I loved it! I rented it first, bought more tokens just so I could upgrade and keep it. A yandere! He's a borderline (no one dies so I'm not giving him the full title, but that's okay, because I'm not sure if I could like him if he had killed someone) yandere! Great characters, steamy scenes and fantastic art of course. And this trope might turn you off, the events of this story may worry you, but ultimately I'm impressed with how the author made a scenario where the love interest comes around through knowledge of himself and not through brain washing. I'm being vague, I know. But I don't want to spoil too much. I already feel bad for giving stuff away, but ugh, read it, if you like possessive characters (not in real life, that's not healthy, please keep fiction and reality separate). And don't if it will make you uncomfortable. I myself really liked this and want more.
Okay, so the title and the genre listed as "sadistic top" is a bit miss leading. Lol. "He's mean to you because he likes you", except he's not mean ever. He teases him, but when he does its all kind spirited and sweet. No insulting him, putting him down for whatever, or forcing him to do anything he's uncomfortable with. They are both straight forward about their feelings, and don't play games like black mailing or lying to each other. Honestly this story was so sweet and I definitely recommend you buying it. The sex scenes were great too!
Just read it, it's worth it.Story's great. Art's great. Sex scenes are great.I loved it! It's worth the 8 dollars. You won't be disappointed.
Amazing. This was sooo sexy and sweet! Manly bottoms! Yes!
The art is beautiful. The story is cute. The sex scenes are very steamy. And it's less cliche than the synopsis may lead you to believe. This is definitely worth your tickets! I hope we get more from the author soon.
The art was great. The scenes were steamy. But the translation was terrible. I had a very difficult time following the plot.
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