alakeshadow's Reviews & Ratings

Fun and interesting series. I wish there was more sex but it's only one ticket per chapter so that's not too bad. I also like the artwork.
Pretty cute. Worth buying overall. Good smut scenes and decent artwork.
Pretty cute. This is actually a collection of stories with different characters and plot lines. Really well developed storylines for such short stories. Not a lot of smut which was disappointing but it was still a good buy overall.
Raunchy and sadistic. Lots of sex. I give it a 4 star instead of 5 because the plot could have been better developed. The ending, while strange, was also somewhat sweet.
Cute story. I wish they had just charged 2 tickets for 9 stories instead of 1 for 18 to make it easier to read. The ending was good. Typically I stay away from stories with only 20ish pages but this one was worth it
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