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I quite love the author's work usually. But this one is bit disappointing. Like always the fmc has no backbone but this one is soooo weak. Other than body and look which anyone can possess, she has no real qualities. She says she loves the guy but does not try to fight for him at all, just accept whatever happen to her. How can she ever contribute and support her partner's life. The mc is successful and rich he can have his pick but still chooses her for questionable logic. It's unreal. The story is flat. Sex scene is nice. Would be better if fmc stops saying no. At least the comic's cheap so oh well.
4 short stories. The first one was the story in the summary. The plot intrigues me but it's way too short. No characters development. Other stories are plain boring and uninspired. Not worth tickets, rental or bought.
Really want to read next! Update plsssssss!
Lovely! Girl is strong, independent, cheerful and sensual at the same time. Can be insecure and worries about every little details about guy. Very relatable, I do that all the time. Guy is afaid of love, put on a tough front. He lost his late wife in a car accident right in front of his eyes. Modern story. How have they come to love each other, read to find out!
Cute, more mature than the usual, a little drama but not too much. Girl is older than guy by ten years. Havent date anyone for a while because of trust issues, ut guy changes it all. Now they
Fmc is half-demon half-human and must become a wife of hot demon mc. Cute story. She really comes to love him, and so has he. Worth the money spent!!!!
Standard, boring predictable tale of misunderstanding between mc and fmc with a drop dead gorgeous supermodel to intervene. The story and ending is too cheesy for my taste. Not worth the dollars.
Nice story about a girl and her guardian growing up together. A girl becomes mature enough so boundaries and rules must be set for non-blood related male and female to live together. Girl keeps breaking it, guy enjoys punishing her for it. The storyline plays out averagely. And the scenes are mainly one-sided as fmc is young and innocent. Not really recommended. But if you
Two people bounded to be together will always end up together no matter how fate have their relationships starting out. The male protagonist might propose a marriage contract without love that benefits both him and our fmc after 12 hours of knowing each other. But the time spends doing what lovers do, they can
Cute although a bit too simple. It's not bad but at first I expect more depth and character/feeling development to overcome their obstables. The female isn't weak and she loves her job. The male is your usual protagonist, gives off a cold stiff vibe which I find a bit boring. Their chemistry is alright but stale. Overall a standard read.
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