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I'm so in love with this series! The characters dance around being adorable, edgy, mysterious, and clueless. There's so many different sides to them yet it all fits perfectly, and watching all the interactions is amazing. And this might be just me, but I love that Rui isn't the "cute with big boobs" girl that always seems to pop up in these kinds of stories. I think that's kind of the point, something that makes her different from the "norm", but it's a refreshing change nonetheless! This is definitely a series I would recommend!
This was a very lovely story full of all sorts of feels! The art style is super adorable as well! Considering the price, I would totally recommend this series. My only problem was that there were only two kiss scenes in the entire series. I would have liked to have seen a love scene, or at least a steamier make-out session. But oh well, c'est la vie. I still give this series two thumbs up!
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