Carmen's Reviews & Ratings

Seriously he treats the MC like shit. Why do writters think we want to see such an abusive relationship succeed? The dum MC's that fall for their abusive lovers tropeb s getting hard to see. 3 stars for the great art work.
I feel like thers a few chapters missing from the beginning. Other then that the story is really nice. It has one of thoes overlly domineering love intrest that can be cruel with his words.
Finally a BL manga that is comedic and steamy. This is well worth the points and I can't wait for future chapters.
The story and art were not very good. The main character is one of thoes cliche types that lets men get away with anything. The dominate male lead is such trash that its not worth reading another chapter.
Iv have been on Renta for a few years and this is hands down the best manga they have!! The story is original with well developed characters who have great chemistry. It is refreshing to read a manga that does not relay on smut. I do hope they continue to upload more chapters. But it has been a long wait....
Wow kinda dark lol but it was worth a read. If you like the obsessives type then this is the book for you.
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