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2020/05/14 - I'm reviewing this after also reading the Japanese version on Renta. This story starts off very sweet and innocent and revolves around two people who have had a difficult past. This causes them to connect and work together to try and cure the FLs allergy. However, as the story progresses it gets very dark, there is pedophilia and child grooming involved. While trying not to spoil the story, I feel the way that the author showed the manipulation seems too lighthearted. However, this story is still ongoing even in the Japanese version so I'm still waiting patiently for the abuse to be addressed appropriately. I feel for the characters and I really hope they do find happiness and move on, but please read with caution.
This is actually such an interesting story....I wish it updated more frequently :(
It was interesting at first but the sister is just getting too annoying, the story is dragging on around sex without any real solution to the problems. The sister just gets away with everything everytime as well, she manipulates someone, the lord questions MC, sister acts innocent, MC gets abused and the cycle repeats.
The artwork is so beautiful. The male protagonist is very possessive, and the female protagonist is a little too trusting. But I also can't hate either of them. I have a feeling Kazuma is hiding a secret to protect the main Ayano. I can't wait for more chapters!
First chapter is pretty cute so far. You have a good looking guy who's more about studying and theory. A girl who just got turned down, and ends up as his next experiment to teach him about love.
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