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I thought this was a sweet story filled with hope in the midst of suffering. Like most Harlequin romances this one has the required HEA, but it is also infused with reality and the uncertainty of life. Definitely worth the purchase.
The artwork was fine but the storyline...ugh. I can't reconcile that Blaine married Cam and left the next day for her sake (and to make a name for himself) and didn't come back for 6 years with no contact. Ridiculous.
I could not get into this story at all. Such disappointing characters. In fiction, don't mind women being submissive or men being alpha up until point, but this takes the cake. There was nothing redeeming about either of the main characters based on their interactions. He was a creep and she was just plain idiotic. A complete waste of time and tickets. 2 stars for the artwork.
Cute little one shot! Though I do wish Maggie's identity hadn't been discovered so quickly. The premise was fun and entertaining, and definitely made me want to read the book.
The artwork and story were well-done and Saki and Assad had great chemistry, however, everything ended so abruptly that this felt like one part of a larger story. A few more chapters would have rounded things out nicely.
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