The Imperial Court Maiden's Curse [VertiComix]

story :

Ichiha Hiiragi


The world is plagued by demons. They attack people and livestock, and consume their souls.For some unknown reason, Lingling Wang seems to attract them. Knowing that exorcists are the only ones who can repel them, she travels from the eastern land of Jingluo all the way to the capital city to become a court attendant and meet the imperial exorcist.
Meanwhile, the exorcist is worried that the spiritual power passed down to him from past generations has begun to dwindle. At the young age of seventeen, Feng Liang is the head of the imperial exorcists. He's been trying to translate tens of thousands of research documents that could potentially hold the secret to artificially enhance an exorcist's powers. At least, according to his father, who was an exorcist from the eastern lands.
That's when the emperor's arrangement brings the two of them together.

Lingling's mysterious condition!
A whirlpool of jealousy and resentment from the other court attendants!
Action-packed battles between the unfathomable demons and exorcists!
And, the budding romance between Lingling and Feng...
The stage is set for a spectacular tale set at the imperial court!


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story :

Ichiha Hiiragi

publisher :

Renta Comics

Japanese :

Mayosekyujo Kokono Futsumashini Hirowaremashita

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