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This is pretty cute and funny. The interactions between the main characters really made me laugh sometimes.
A reread. The setting is very VERY interesting (we love some Sci-Fi BL) and author's thoughts about the whole Android thing and how the MC got to live in the future are very creative.Author did a great job in tugging at my heartstrings. I cried at some parts. Angsty, but the writing is very delicate, the emotions are drawn out with so much care... I was very satisfied with the whole manga.Hope Renta can license another work from this author too, which is called End Game.
THE CURRENT CHAPTER AAAAA I COULDN'T HELP BUT SCREAM! Their dynamic started out in the weirdest way (instead of switching bodies, they only switched genitals lol) but I really love how the development of their r/ship feels so natural? it doesn't need the sparkly heart fluttering moments since they're like buddies, but you can definitely feel that their chemistry is getting better. Chapter 9 is very good!!! and I can expect 'that' happening on Kento's side first since,,, he's such a 'shoujo' haha.
Oh my, it's actually sweeter than I thought! Both of them put up a front towards each other in the earlier chapters of the story, but they had their own reasons. The tension created between the MCs is amazing, but you can definitely see how natural their interactions are outside the tension parts.It's amazing that a one-volume manga offers a really good flow of story and I was able to catch up with the emotional aspects of it too.
One of my favourite couples is back on Renta, and I was extremely overjoyed!It is only the first chapter of the manga, but I was smiling and giggling so much thanks to our funny couple and Niyama's top notch humor. I totally lost it though at Seiji's commentary on the last page.
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