Overdressed's Reviews & Ratings

Well drawn and funny. The main character is cutely dizzy and a slave to pleasure.
So sweet. Both guys are reluctant and shy and the chemistry is hot.
It is a little to weird for me. And it's to non con for me. If the comedy was better it would be interesting
One of my favorite yaoi mangas. It is so beautifully drawn and the protagonist are do put into scenes so well that I reread it often.
I love it, it was so cute and suprisingly hot for a romantic story like this
The storyline is bit different. If you don't care that the main protagonist is promiscuous you should find the characters likeable. Everyone has his own personality, good sexy scenes and the characters are drawn so so well. I can't wait for the 4th book. It's so surprising in what direction is going.
I think the art is a bit simple, but I like the story and the main character. I want to learn more
Wry sweet, great art.
One of my favorite BL stories, the protagonist are so crazy for eachother the hotness is immeasurable
Beautiful slowburn
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