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God the "heroine" in this is such a pathetic person. I had hoped that there would have been more if her acting like a independent person in this sequel especially after the events in the first series.HOWEVER she became even more of a pathetic back ground character in her own story. I get that the situation she is in is a male dominated one, however in the 1st series she made a place for herself and stubbornly made the male lead realise she was worth notice and keeping around. Then in this one she is literally turned into a doormat just there for the bloke to shout at, dominate and order around without question, only pathetic whimpering protests coming from the female lead. She has gone from trying to prove she is worth his affection and his equal to being essentially a clingy side chick he occasionally fingers... A good opportunity for character development and an actual storyline wasted in my opinion.
Love it!! I love Coda's work!! The story seems really good on this one, can't wait to see what happens next!
Looks good. Can't wait to see what happens next.
This is another great story, very believable and relatable.the art style is lovely as well.
Love love love this. So sweet and innocent
i love these characters!it is really well drawn out and developed! Don't want it to end XX