Broesa's Reviews & Ratings

I'm starting at chapter 6, and I will say this is absolutely worth the money so far! I like the characters and the smut is not bad! I look forward to the next chapter hopefully soon.
It's good but I would recommend renting not buying. It's an anthology with a connecting universe, it's fun to see characters in each other's segments. But the last pages were odd, like it was missing some before it abruptly end?
It brings me great joy to be able to pay for this story. If you like smut, there's lots of it! The 4 main characters are a delight to read about and it just makes me sad there's not more of them. Well worth the addition to your library!
I picked this up after reading Mitsunaga Hirama's 2 other books available on here and I was not disappointed! The "brother" tag is a bit misleading as they got together before their parents remarried but that taboo is still there, if you're into it, it's worth the read! Not much to add that has not yet been said, just adding to the "very satified read" club!
I'll be honest, I brought this because of the art--its very pretty. The plot seems like the typical Mafia-Yaoi story, but it has potential to surprise you? I would rec renting it if you're not sure. I'll be sure to review again when this is complete.
I took a chance on this story. From the premise it seemed ordinary but once you get into the flow, this story takes you on a surprising trip. It's one of those stories you cannot judge from the first chapter, you must take it in as a whole. Even the side characters are charming in their own way! I really do look forward to sensei's next stories if it's as good as this one.
This is one of my favorite! Sojun and Arata's love story told in a non-linear format. As you go from their modern day relationship to their origins and the beginning of how they fell in love.
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