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This series is a MUST KEEP. I'm so happy to be able to support this artist and would gladly buy out the whole collection. The characters are great, each one have struggles and you fell for them! The parents get involved too, which is rare and exciting when they do.
Out of all the stories from the "Rule Number One" universe, I liked this one the most. I like pining childhood friends troupe, so it made me weak in the knees. It felt really satisfying seeing them eventually get together!
Picked this up because it was on sale and it's surprising to find a VERSATILE couple story made in the 2000s. But I will say that this main title is mainly innocent with implied smut. The author like to make doujinshi of this couple and spread the stories in her other works and those are much smuttier. Overall, I'm glad that I brought this title I just wished the other stories was made into its own book instead of being so spread out and hard to find.
So this series is more comedy than sexy/smutty kind of story. There's not much sex but lots of laughs and surprises. The possessiveness is a big twist for me so I hope you'll enjoy it too.
Based on the other reviews, this seems to be a very polarizing story. Either you hate it or love it, but I'd like to approach this somewhere in the middle. I would suggest renting to check it out because the first story I really like but I didn't care enough to invest myself in the other stories within this book so I sticked to the rental status.
I was following this story as it was updating and my soul is so full! I truly love and will always support this artist. They write so well and satisfying! I hope you'll love this story too.
So this is not listed on Renta but this is actually the last story in a set of books that are loosely connected. I read the others before coming to this and got the full context. It is not required to read the other books but I think you will appreciate this story more and feel the full circle the book is presenting. That being said, this book has to be my favorite out of the series and it is very much welcomed if the author wishes to continue this universe in the future
This was very good but as a rental, in my opinion. There's actually two stories in this book and I find the second story with the actors more intriguing. Both stories do leave more to be desired but I didn't regret the purchase. Would suggest going the rental route until you like it to purchase fully.
Adding to more positive comments about this book. It's very much worth the purchase! The main leads are very cute together and there's a lot of smut, so it's the best of both world really. Slight drama at the reveal but it's nothing too frustrating.
This was a rent-not-buy story for me. The characters are very cute but I lost interest in the story midway and never finished it. That being said, I did rent it so I didn't feel like I lost much. I hope you have a better experience this more than I did.
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