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This was so great!! The art is wonderful, the couple is super cute, and I love how obsessed they are with each other. I'm a sucker for a good vampire story too, and this has an interesting little twist to it with some extra world-building related to "biters". The bit of mystery from the beginning adds to the plot but isn't the focus. it's more about their feelings for each other (which the murder case provides an impetus for them to develop further). It's nothing too intense, so it's a nice light read, with little drama. The action scenes are balanced well against the rest of it. Honestly I wish there was more!!! I would love a sequel!! It's impressive though, because while I wish there was more, it doesn't feel rushed or incomplete. A nice well-rounded story, that alludes to a bigger, fascinating universe. 10/10 happy I bought it and definitely going to check out this author's other works
I literally said, out loud, "stfu that was so cute" after reading this. It was so good. *cries mushy feel-good tears*The characters are all super great, even the "villain" is believable (a repressed jerk tho). The drama was believable and enough to rise the tension, but not so overblown as to be annoying. The timing on some things was a little,,,, "well isn't *this* convenient for the plot hohoho* but even then, if you've lived in a small town, you know was entirely still plausible lolJust a really sweet, honest, feel good story overall
This was so funny and cute!! It jokingly includes a bunch of tropes and cliches, and I actually laughed out loud several times. The relationship was super cute too, I really wish there were more~