Lovestruck in High School

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"I've always dreamed of falling in love at an all-boys school!!" Right when Hinata finally gets accepted to a boys' school, his dad gets transferred overseas and Hinata's sent to live with a family friend. A little nervous, he heads to the address, only to find a guy who's just his type waiting at the door! A lovestruck Hinata forgets all his worries in an instant. Excited, Hinata starts fantasizing about all the ways things might go, getting very turned on. He can't help touching himself, and gets caught red-handed by the guy of his dreams! What will become of his life as a strapping young schoolboy!!?


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Brite Publishing

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High school Lala Love

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Lovestruck in High School (1)

Pages: 32

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Lovestruck in High School (3)

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Lovestruck in High School (4)

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Lovestruck in High School (6)

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