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The story does move a little fast but still entertaining. But I think we're missing a chapter between 10 and eleven at the time of this review post (4/4/2018).
I'd really like to see this turn into a series, or at the very least have a sequel! Really good story!
Soooooooooo Gooooood! Now I really want to see a story where Asahi and Sora from "Family Simulation!!" find out about Masaki and Daichi! And since Kousuke already met Junta's family, it'd be nice to see Kousuke introduce Junta to his family.
Meh. I've read better revenge themed stuff. It was ok for passing the time, but I would have preferred seeing the guy use the app to turn the boss into the company's toilet. But I'm a sadist so I guess that's simply what I would have done in that situation.*If "toilet" goes against the review guidelines, sorry. I'll be sure to use the phrase "bathroom stall" next time.
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