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This was so cute and funny! Both of the other two in the ménage are so into Asahi and thankfully everything's cute and consensual (though Asahi does get mad afterward lol) it's a great light read <3 and Akiomi is surprisingly adorable
SO CUTE!! Just two simple dudes who love each other and the comedy and pining is chef's kiss A+! Right up my alley with the art style too they're brawny and still so cute! I love how fight-y the MC is lolll yet he's so dense and pure <3 you'll love the ML I swear
I really really love this series! (I'm at Ch. 14 now, so spoiler for Ch. 11!) I'm past the non-con part with that rival, and I actually respect how this was written out. It might seem like Makoto is being blamed for it, but I think Yuma and Makoto are both having a different conversation, and Makoto's reaction to the whole thing seems very genuine and real. He's very scared, needlessly guilty, and doubts himself thinking he doesn't deserve to defend his actions, even if he didn't consent. Meanwhile Yuma doesn't have the confidence that Makoto loves him either and is quick to conclude that Makoto found someone he liked better after all, and sees it as his own failure rather than Makoto's. The miscommunication and self sabotage are very real-feeling and I felt genuinely hurt for the characters because of how it was written. I really hope they talk more about it but I love that I can really feel how much these two love and think about each other while trying to overcome their own issues.
This is super interesting so far! It's nice and slow, and though we haven't delved too deeply into the acting yet, we see glimpses of the scripts they work on. It seems like there's some mystery and intrigue regarding the main lead. I look forward to seeing this romance bloom and hope our cute lead gets some sweet sweet therapeutic events because he seems like he needs it!
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