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I love this! I can't wait for more! These two are innocent freaks and this feel like it will get real kinky. I love a good fetish. There is also an age gap.This is everything I like.
I am a sucker for a fetish. This is an Oral fixation. I love this story! It hits all the marks for me.
This is everything I love about yaoi! This story is my new personal favorite!
This is too super cute! The title says it all! The History teacher is so oblivious I actually feel bad for the Math teacher. These men are beautiful and I'm excited for more.
I enjoyed the story. It feels very meloncolly. It was unique and had me guessing along with the main character as to what was going on. There are also lots of spicy interactions between the characters. The synopsis posted with this story is somewhat misleading. However, there is a happy ending. If you consider threeways that include some twinsest to be a happy ending.Disclaimer: There are intractions toward the end that have full blood brother (Twins) going at it. If that is not your thing you will hate this.
Super cute! Not what I expected, especially from the first issue. Happy and fluffy with a few spicy interactions thrown in there for a good balance! Good story and beautiful art.
The relationship in this book is very hard to endure. I found myself hating the main characters. The seme declares his love then leaves gets married and then shows up on his door way after his wife passes away with a 4 year old son. The Uke takes him back immediately. The second volume goes more into his insecurities of being left behind and he even wonders if his love would have even come back if his wife had not passed. The second volume has a segment all about how when he was abandoned it changed him. Overall this was a train wreck where I wanted the selfish guy to leave him alone and stop being so possessive over someone who he obviously had not right to claim. I wanted the submissive partner to value himself more and on. That did not happen.
It was super cute and funny! I laughed a lot! Art and translation is fantastic and the story is well paced. Happy to have bought it.
This was super amazing! It has it all, very smutty with cute guys, buff guys, older guys. I'm so impressed I'm going to go find more by this author! Definitely a keeper. Glad I bought it!
This was absolutely hilarious! I loved it! Multiple smutty short stories that are simply adorable and fun to read!
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