Carrot's Reviews & Ratings

Awww, I wish this was longer! Super cute oneshot
This was a super cute story! It moves fast but I didn't mind since the plot still carries through and was an enjoyable read!
Really enjoying this so far! Super funny and I love that the friends are tryna figure stuff out which leads to the silliest things
I thought this was such a cute, fluffy story. No filler, and really nice story for how short it was. The characters were all pretty realistic too! Definitely worth the read!
The best I've ever read. I'll burst out laughing because this manga is so funny and so perfectly drawn and written. Seriously, this is absolutely worth your time and money! Plus, the smut is absolutely hot!
I'm so addicted to this story! Please give this one a read!
One of my favorite so far! Can't wait for more!
I really liked this manga! Loved the artwork and I liked that the story was finished in the amount of chapters it was without being too drawn out.
Quick and simple story with some smut. Fulfills your smut needs and doesn't drag out the story for too long.
The character are well drawn, the story is kind of drawing out a bit long, but I'm gonna keep reading to see out the rest of the story!
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