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Fantastic. Loveable. A real treasure.
This was so sweet and organic. The leads are so different and the LI is more unpredictable than I thought. We love slow burn romance with consent and communication before sex.
The premise didnt seem bad, but then chapter 2 ends in him forcing himself on her far more aggressively than chapter 1 and she does not respond well. Dont read if you wanna avoid noncon turned Stockholm syndrome tropes.
I rarely like yaoi, but this one was so sweet and tender. I loved the thoughtful slow burn which makes the sex all that more meaningful.
I love this manga so much. The art is so cute and soft, and the humor is fantastic. I love how the two keep unrequiting themselves when really they are perfect for each other. And the sex scenes are A+. I look forward to each and every update.
I love this slow burn and hurt/comfort story. Characters are so well written, and I love when heroes get head over heels first. Ritsuki is the perfect knight to defend Sumire's honor.
A sweet manga with very thoughtful characters. It approached the topic of the heroine's transition and insecurities very sensitively, and they even ultimately have a serious and respectful conversation about it. The author's writing was very tactful.
This was really nice. I love the unique art style, and Arisa's sincerity is so sweet. Beware two instances of sexual assault, but I dont think the ending was bad. Very open-ended but on a good note.
The beginning is definitely rushed, but the story plays out beautifully. The characters are well-written into their roles and relatable, and there are really cute and silly moments throughout. The twist in chapter 8 was beautifully done and had me in tears. Protect Iori at all costs.
Bawled like a baby at this one.
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