Hamsooo's Reviews & Ratings

Amazing story!!!The art is on another level jst splendidly done...loved it!!oh the guys are sooo handsome...I jst couldn't get enough them!!
Its a sweet love story! I loved it...the main guy was hot and although he was suppose to be a bad guy he didn't force himself on her. I would recommend it, but it says complete so I feel it was a bit rushed ending. Overall it was a great read.
In this comic ONLY the drawing is a bit good...story is rushed along with sex scenes.
artwork is and storyline is great! I'm glad and relived she ended up with the right guy...Worth ur time!
Great story and sex! Loved it....worth ur time and money.
It's the perfect manga!!!awesome plot, awesome drawing!they looked soo dashing and made for each other couple, and when they were standing beside each other it gave me chills...worth every penny and time....!! I totally recommend it to everybody.
I'm in sooo soo in love with this clueless couple. Two people deeply truly in love with each other and yet clueless about one another's feelings. The author did a fantastic job with the character development and brought flow in the story, making it interesting and sexy as well. Some mangas focus more on erotic and sex scenes and not on the storyline but this manga is all in one package. Truly worth spending money for.
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