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I really loved it, so many feels! It's heartwarming and it's got character development. The main character started out kinda selfish & immature, but his heart was in the right place in the end. Don't want to spoil it too much for future readers. 4 stars only because the first chapter is focused on & told from the perspective of a character that I got attached to but who ended up having very little "screen time". So I ended up wanting to know his story too. Hoped until the end that he would get another full chapter, but sadly only one extra featured him.
The story was ok, could have been written better. What I absolutely loved about it was the ending and the healthy approach to become independent.
After chapter 1, I can say that it's surprisingly cute in spite of the erotic name of the manga. Don't get me wrong, it's still erotic, but it has the potential for a deeper story. Based on the next chapters, the rating might grow.
A very cute manga and light read, I really liked it. 4 star because the proportions were inconsistent at times: Yuuta was either shorter or taller and it wasn't because of the perspective.
Art looks good, but not my cup of tea. The characters don't seem believable to me. Uke is forced, but instead decides to masturbate the seme as punishment?
Pretty sweet, just a little drama & lots of fluff
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