Viscerall's Reviews & Ratings

Really enjoyed this story! And love the artwork. I bought another one of this mangaka's works and fell in love with the art and characters, so decided to give this a go.Sweet romance story, and all the characters have unique faces and features. If you want a quick story about a woman who learns to grow into herself and let loose a little, do pick this one up!
I recognised the art style almost immediately as Nonda Noda! Really love their style, it's super fresh and full of expression!I enjoyed the story a lot, it was a good bit of romance indulgence. The characters are solid with an interesting take on common "weak friend/strong friend" tropes. The more sexual scenes were still appealing, and even if you're not too into them, they still have a good place in the story. Would definitely recommend.
Decent plots overall with some really nice art. First story was entertaining, but I did enjoy the second story a bit more!Hopefully there'll be some kind of follow-up with Tomoyuki and the guy from the host club! They were the most intriguing pair and they weren't even officially a pair. Definitely worth a rent tho!
Interesting oneshot with a unique plot. Meredith and Griff were likeable characters and the art was really appealing. The art style had a kind of mature shoujo look to it which I really enjoyed!There was as much of a plot as there could be in such a short time, which was fine.If you're looking for a unique heroine and plot, then definitely give this manga a go!
Loved this one! The story is satisfying and the protagonists are likeable and funny. The art style is a pleasure to look at and of course the sex scenes are great. Would definitely recommend!!
Interesting oneshot with unique characters. The art is really nice and fresh, and I enjoyed reading every page. If you're looking for something a little different, I'd recommend reading this.
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