Mnky3's Reviews & Ratings

Seems spicy on the first chapter hope to get more in chapter 2!
Love this so cute! The misunderstanding is so silly but the uke is warming up to him! Can not wait for chapter 2!
It was cute but the possessiveness was weird and the age gab didn't matter? Felt rushed...
I bought it from the ads. It's cute but the pee thing was weird for the first story. He just kept peeing his pants... might want to save on something else.
Great story! Very soft and sexy. Wish it a whole book over the first couple but the plant short story was hot too.
Story is great. Format of two long books then chapters is annoying. Typesetting is hard to read. Not edited well large areas not translated in book one. Numbering system for the books are off.
Wonderful and fast paced felt like a got a more for the price since it was more expensive than most. Wonderful story great characters!
Incest warning .... please leave twins alone.... makes it weird for us twins out here
Super cute and spicy yaoi love both stories.
Great bl! Cute story that I will gladly reread several times!
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