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Reasons you should get this:1) consensual sex is weirdly uncommon in these types of stories, and both people are clear about wanting it here!2) tropes delightfully turned on their heads without seeming stale (the women of the village obviously appreciate her hard work and strength).3) male lead is expressive with his actions even if his face isn't. It's really sexy how he's respectful, but a bit possessive.4) female lead is 'ditzy' but oddly likeable! She is self aware, but actually hard working. More relatable than a lot of the frail ladies that often get the spotlight.5) daaammnn both people are hot!TL;DR- hawt consenting sex with banging and likeable ninjas leaves me wanting more!
The story is a bit thin, but the artwork is really clear and the pacing keeps it moving. The best part in my opinion is that after the first shy sexual encounter, she makes it clear she's interested in more sex. She doesn't stop being kinda shy, but there is clear consent and they're sweet inbetween the spicy moments. This one is definitely in my top 5!
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