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It's funny because I prefer happy endings, but this happy ending is like the Slither's won the quidditch cup. Although many reviewers feel it's incomplete they are wrong. He just was willing to lose his friend to get what he wanted, and his mate understands him and accepted it. Hate and love both very powerful emotions.
These were very cute stories. They each had quirkiness and the characters were fully developed humans with their own needs and wants. Well worth the money I spent on it to own.
I loved reading this. No smut, but the story is so sweet. The story is perfectly paced and makes you all warm and toasty inside. I loved how they both found that traditional forms of love do not work for them. They come to understand that the relationships they had before are very shallow. They learn that building an intimate relationship with someone who accepts you and wants all your good and bad points is much filling. These two could almost pull off platonic love except you fill the edge in their self-expression as they open their minds to possibilities.
The stories are all about desires and giving into them or not as the case may be. If your looking for a happy ending that has a resolution then this may not be your style of story. Part of it's charm is that the characters keep striving in their own ways. This collection of stories shows that it's the journey not the destination that adds meaning to our actions.
Short little glimpses into several couple's stories. It'll leave you wanting more, but it's cute. Except for the Ark story. That one shouts mental health issues.
At first I wasn't sure it would be a good story for me. There's the pressure and switching of personalities in the first few volumes that make you question what's going on. As one reviewer said rushed. That's where I lost the star in my review.I'm at volume 5 though and it's getting very interesting. The POV has changed and feel of dominance is different. The power exchange between them is starting to become intriguing, and I think someone is about to experience life in a new way. It's always interesting what triggers brainpaths to new ways of connecting. (Raised eyebrow)
I like how the story develops with the one who is sure of his sexuality learning there's more out there once he starts exploring. I like watching the seme with a plan get tempted from his path. I'm a bit curious about the uke's friends waiting to see what develops between the two. It's a lovely story about learning about life and how your POV can change with the right elements. I'm waiting at Volume 3 like the others for the story to continue.
I really loved the start of the story, but now my perspective got twisted at the end. I'm a sucker for a happy ending. I don't think it was one even if it appears like it. They are emotionally attached but Yoshi never expressed those flashbacks to his partner. He never explained what he did and he doesn't seem to feel any guilt over his behavior. I'm not sure how I feel about them as a couple now, nor how it'd turn out long term for them. Still it's worth the price and it's a story that will get your brain working even if you're left wondering if it's a good thing.
This is the second twist on the omegsverse were a possible alpha into omega mutation may occur that I've read. Though this is the only one with a possible 3P. Most of the stories are very possessive to the point that only one partner is possible. I'm going to keep buying these and see were it goes from here. Personal opinion here but the Mother needs her behavior checked even if it is some PTSD from a cheating mate.
Nice little twist on the omegaverse..I enjoyed it and am looking forward to finding out more about these two. The tension is still present even after an encounter even if the first step is leapt over with a bit too much ease. LOL
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