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At first I wasn't sure it would be a good story for me. There's the pressure and switching of personalities in the first few volumes that make you question what's going on. As one reviewer said rushed. That's where I lost the star in my review.I'm at volume 5 though and it's getting very interesting. The POV has changed and feel of dominance is different. The power exchange between them is starting to become intriguing, and I think someone is about to experience life in a new way. It's always interesting what triggers brainpaths to new ways of connecting. (Raised eyebrow)
I like how the story develops with the one who is sure of his sexuality learning there's more out there once he starts exploring. I like watching the seme with a plan get tempted from his path. I'm a bit curious about the uke's friends waiting to see what develops between the two. It's a lovely story about learning about life and how your POV can change with the right elements. I'm waiting at Volume 3 like the others for the story to continue.
I really loved the start of the story, but now my perspective got twisted at the end. I'm a sucker for a happy ending. I don't think it was one even if it appears like it. They are emotionally attached but Yoshi never expressed those flashbacks to his partner. He never explained what he did and he doesn't seem to feel any guilt over his behavior. I'm not sure how I feel about them as a couple now, nor how it'd turn out long term for them. Still it's worth the price and it's a story that will get your brain working even if you're left wondering if it's a good thing.
This is the second twist on the omegsverse were a possible alpha into omega mutation may occur that I've read. Though this is the only one with a possible 3P. Most of the stories are very possessive to the point that only one partner is possible. I'm going to keep buying these and see were it goes from here. Personal opinion here but the Mother needs her behavior checked even if it is some PTSD from a cheating mate.
Nice little twist on the omegaverse..I enjoyed it and am looking forward to finding out more about these two. The tension is still present even after an encounter even if the first step is leapt over with a bit too much ease. LOL
There is definitely smut here. The art isn't terrible but feels a little undefined. Strangely the faces aren't bad except the expression doesn't always match the tone of the scene. The story could have been developed better. It reminded me of the stories my 13 year old writes. The premises was interesting but not explored fully or with the mature overtones that time brings.
I love how the author let the story build. They let the tension build around the lack of information to create the drama, but still managed to clear it all up by the end with a sweet romance.
The last 4 chapters are so worth trying to understand how that first chapter could be the same characters.
An amazingly sweet love story. This is the best written story in this Media about this subject I've read so far. Not that there are many to begin with. This was a thoughtful and fairly realistic expression of some of the feelings trans people can go through. Most have it tougher than her as many families are unable to cope with the change their children feel needs to happen. My heart jumps with happiness when I see parents supporting their children in these circumstances. I like that the author allowed her to have supports that most people lack in this situation.
It's an interesting reincarnation story. I totally love the multi-person relationships, but Curt is a but hypocritical in relationship equality. No one said loving a God is fair though.A previous reviewer mentioned the part that became chibi. I think it's the author's way of helping the characters expressing the growth of physical relationship into an emotional one. You get to decide if it works or not. It worked for me
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