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???OH YES!!!???SO GOOD!!!???
??Where to start, the artwork is pretty bad, the stories are lackluster. I wouldn't waste the money/points on this. I regret wasting my money/points on this.??
?? I don't know why I put off reading this, it's so cute!?? I wish the story was longer. So adorable!??
I thought it was just Kiha Chihana's titles that were getting butchered, but now I think it's the translators. There are words missing, words/phrases that are mixed up. It's a bit of a mess, like the other titles this company have translated. The publisher should either find people who know English, or the authors need to find another company, (if possible). It's very irritating to try to read books/series with bad translations.???
???I LOVE THIS MANGA!!!??? It's tragic & melancholic. Takasaki is beautiful & devious, conniving, a very dangerous combination. I found it to be a very good read. The artwork is beautiful. The dialog fits. This is a great story????
??OMG!!! I L?VE THIS MANGA SO MUCH!!!??? Unfortunately I purchased it a little too soon the sale ends on the 9-1 over here & I am out of points & money until Friday ??? It's so fun with some danger in it. The sex scenes are, I think, tastefully done. Get this one, you need to get this one!?
???I Love this story so much, OMG!!!???(can you tell, since I'm using cat emojis)?? The last story is a bit of a tearjerker Tsuneaki & Iori have a very deep conversation I'll let you check this out for yourselves. I'm definitely reading this story over & over again.???
???OMG!!!??? So Good!!!??? It's a bit of a tearjerker & a story type I've never read before. ???This is one of the best Harlequins I've ever read!!!???You need to read this one!!!???
??Sooo Cuuute!??
5 stars for the artwork, 4 for the stories. "Lunch in the Sun" was my favorite, maybe it's not because of Shigerus' canines, I really thought that story was a cute one. The stories were for the most part cute, I think.?
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