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Very cute newlywed/married couple story! I love both FL & ML, how they are so in love with each other. Just a simple love story but really hard to find good one as this. It's a bit expensive yes but I really enjoyed reading it and I don't mind reading it again and again. Beautiful art too
I really love both FL & ML now that they are together. Love the beautiful art especially. Will continue my support for this awesome story
I love the girl/FL, how strong she is, sacrificing herself/making herself look bad for both her ( selfish) sister (ugh!??) and husband so that these cheaters can have their happiness ?. Really happy even more when the hot ML is in love with her? All is not lost!
I always love cute married life stories! Love both Manaka & Koh, they're both so damn cute ??? I enjoy reading all the chapters
Iori is soo adorable, I think she'll be even cuter dolled up with ribbons and cute girly attires. And 'new' Sota is much much better looking. Awww... I love this couple so much
I love how adorable and innocent Kokoro is and how Arashi fell for her, hard. I guess I love stories about oblivious, cute and honest girls who haven't the slightest idea how they turn the guys upside down, madly in love. So yeah, this story is very cute and I don't mind reading it over and over. 5鏝
I love this story so much! The female MC is so adorable and innocent, and the male MC is so damn hot, sexy and adorably possessive. It's hard to find beautiful story as this. Totally worth buying
The heroine is really adorable and loyal, even after all the years her fianc辿 died, and how she can still love him even when he isa zombie now. Amazing art, great plot. I'm sad that this story has completed. I wish the author will continue this paranormal romance story more and have similar to 'Warm Bodies
I love the shy, reclusive heroine so much! She's so adorable. And her fiancee is so hot, protective and super duper kind. It's hard to find good stories with great art, characters and no-nonsense-drama like this one. Truly a gem! I wish the author continues more,I can't get enough of it
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