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Skeptical at first (was slightly put off by the super literal title lol), but I have read this three times already. I love the dynamic between the two main characters. Likeable and sweet characters exploring their new and unexpected love. Riichi's age is slightly cringey but I have to remember that age of consent in Japan is lower than in North America. Jinbei is a sensitive and kind teacher and partner, so it makes up for it for me a little. Gorgeous characters, though a little sweaty (kind of hot though I guess), cute story. I hope they end up happy together and can't wait to read more.
Cute story, and the guy is hot. Can't wait to see where this goes. Really nice buildup, doesn't rush.
Moved too fast and there was no buildup. I was not super impressed with the artwork, either. Could have been a nice story if more time was taken. Surprised that it was priced so high.
The art is fantastic, the characters are endearing, and the story is really cute. I feel like I would be way more excited to have an android boyfriend than the MC, but her hesitation is what makes the story. I look forward to each issue and can't wait to see where it goes.
Only complaint was that it ended too quickly
Really cute, lovely artwork. Felt super rushed. If you are looking for sexy times, they are brief and confusing. Sort of like real life, actually LOL
The title had me in stitches at first, but this is a really sexy, surprisingly cute and romantic story. Beautiful characters, great artwork... My new favourite, 100%
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