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I love everything in this manga, smut scenes were hot, multiple story of the lewd buff uke makes this one different from other manga. Fun to read and worth my money!
Less one star cuz its too short. I like how the feeling develop from a tear fetish to a lover. Simply fluffy story without any drama. I love the afterstory where they didn't stop at being normal couple instead keep doing roleplay, thats cute! I think its worth re-read in the future, therefore i choose to have this permanently.
This is one of the manga that will warm your heart. Gosh the baby is cute. The adopted parents were kind and nice to both of them. I love how Yoh panicked in every panel when they know the baby is on her way to the world. I laugh hard!
The smexy scenes were good! I like when Aki finally realize Ryuji is the one for him in the end. It makes this story perfect without any unnecessary drama.
Rent it at first, but end up buy it permanently. Predictable storyline but totally worth my money. This dorky pevert cp will be one of my favourite for now. Absolutely will re-read again in future.
I always like this author manga but this def a big no for me. I hate the uke charac so much, he's such an a**hole. The seme is too good for him. Kinda dissapointed when the ending too rush. Make me hate it more. I give 2 star for the smut, that's it!
This is one hella good manga! I'm looking forward to read more from this sensei
When an expressionless seme fell in love with his colleague, both of them actually hetero but slowly learn how to fall in love with each other. I love how their love develop from one chapter to one chapter. Its refreshing sweet love story. Worth buying!
It was sweet story. Fun to read. I have stomach ache from laughing too much. Worth to re-read. Going to support this sensei works in future.
This exceed my expectation. Its really adorable sweet and sexy story. Love the plot. The last chapter when they develop new kink at the puppyland crack me up LOL thats funny. I want to read more of their happy after story.
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