Momoni's Reviews & Ratings

This is one hella good manga! I'm looking forward to read more from this sensei
When an expressionless seme fell in love with his colleague, both of them actually hetero but slowly learn how to fall in love with each other. I love how their love develop from one chapter to one chapter. Its refreshing sweet love story. Worth buying!
It was sweet story. Fun to read. I have stomach ache from laughing too much. Worth to re-read. Going to support this sensei works in future.
This exceed my expectation. Its really adorable sweet and sexy story. Love the plot. The last chapter when they develop new kink at the puppyland crack me up LOL thats funny. I want to read more of their happy after story.
I love the pretty seme and deliquent look uke story. But i love how sensei describe, how meanie the uke face for the seme, he is the prettiest when he smile and his lovely 'princess' who kind at heart and love cats :) worth buying
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