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Another one where the only good thing is the sex scene. If you want to read something with substance, this isn't the one. If it's just for the sex then go for it. Rating 1 star simply because I've read very similar BLs to this but are better executed.
Honestly, I never liked this author in the first place so I was hesitant in buying this whole thing, wish there was an option to buy only a chapter because in the end, I skipped so many pages that the money I spent ended up feeling like I wasted them. Only nice thing about this is the art, the sex scenes are okay. I got nothing to say about the plot, it's the same cliches which has already been done better by other BL authors. Though, maybe the one shots could've been better if they were their own standalone story but limiting into a bunch of one shot stories seriously made the story telling nosedive. Also many of the plot lines in this are straight up from porn. It's so ridiculous that many of the situations and the thought process of characters don't make sense. I know, Yaoi is basically hentai but I still can't help but be disappointed that it was just a bunch of cliche one shots. By God can't forget about the casual incest in one of the one shots. Made me shudder.
I'm so happy this manga is finally being translated! I bought the raws a long time ago because the author makes such unique BLs and omigod, just like her previous works, this is fluffy. Slowburn romance and a cute couple. So happy I can finally read this AND understand it at the same time. I highly recommend!
I highly recommend. It's very cute and both couples definitely deserve each other.
I definitely recommend, characters develop nicely and it's cute overall. Also has a very cute bonus between the second couple. You'd never expect that those two would get together.
I'm soooooo lucky I was able to find it translated here and it's completed! Before I found this, I only read the raws and re-read it cuz it looked so interesting to me and I was right. Everyone is lovable and I'm so happy they all got happy endings
AahhHHH shet my heart ached so much, definitely recommend to those who enjoys reading angst and happy endings
1st chapter already got me hooked. I was skeptical at first but I'm glad I went ahead and bought it. It seems to be a melancholic and angst story, i try to avoid those since I don't like getting all angsty but I'll make an exception with this.
It's so good, it's so unlike the "oil tycoon prince/king sweeping the uke off their feet" that I've read before..wish there would be more honestly. I love both the prince and the uke. They're both so sweet and loving of each other
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