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Not the worst manga, but not the best either. The art was lovely, and the relationship between both mcs was sweet, but the characters were so flat that I wasn't very invested in them. Also, the reason he was 'hungry' for sex and not food was poorly explained, and didn't make a whole lot of sense.
This is not worth the read. Even by Yaoi standards it's weird and makes no sense. And the side stories are dreadful. Steer clear.
That was great, not what I expected at all! I thought the seme would be a total ass but he ended up being a really great guy. This manga ended up being soooo much better than I anticipated. Lovely artwork too.
Zero story and a totally abrupt ending. Akira was a sweetie and the art was good, but that's all I can say about this manga.
It's like no isn't even a word in any of these semes' vocabulary. The stories were okay; not bad but not great. However, the kid in the second story, Rintaro, was awesome! I'm normally not a fan of kids in magazines 'cos they're too cutesy, but this kid was such a snarky little smart-mouth that he stole the whole manga! I would have loved to have seen more of him.
The shenanigans are fun, but Yuki was a little irritating when he wouldn't listen to Meguru. Also, I hate when I buy a long manga for a specific couple, then find only half the manga is about them. The other half is a boring AF couple that I have zero interest in. I wanted more of Yuki and me guru's time in college, not the second couple. I docked 2 stars for that, it would have been 4 stars without the second couple.
I have only one word for this; irritating.
Collection of short stories and all are pretty mediocre. Not really worth it when there are other better manga on here.
This is SUCH a disturbing yaoi based on the second story. Acky basically stalked and then kidnapped a kid (who was already being abused by his foster family), and everyone is just okay with this?!! WTF? First story was dumb, but third story was kind of a laugh (and is the only reason I gave this manga 2 stars). It's a shame cos the art was lovely.
This was one of those titles that really made me feel I wasted my money. Bad characters, zero plot (even by yaoi standards), and mediocre art. Just disappointing all round.
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