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I'm actually crying, this was so good. Great plot, characters,art, everything.I was so surprised and almost regret buying it outright because lately a lot of the manga kinda sucked. But this one is by far the best I've encountered. Worth the buy!
Short but very cutely done. I coughed up blood at how cute this volume was, and was rooting for the couple since the first page. Nothing particularly unique in plot scenario, but it was concise and engaged me, the reader.
Honestly probably the best comic I've had the pleasure of encountering on here. Not only does it have my favorite trope of misunderstood delinquent pursued by the popular guy in school, but the pacing and character development was done extremely well for a short volume. The art is cute and easy on the eyes, the main characters are lovely, and the thoughtful themes throughout this volume was nice. Please read!!
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