Angelic Whispers Bring Demons to Their Knees [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

This is the other realm's business district. Humans reborn as angels and demons get caught up in love stories that span their past and present lives. Dead after a full night in bed together, coworkers Chihiro Kuroishi and Kei Hoshiuchi are into the other realm as a demon and angel. Kei is up on cloud nine, but Chihiro wonders if the angel is using him as a stand-in for women... A hot and cold love story between a cheating angel and a charming demon!
Kenji Arima, an angel with a grudge against demons, is ordered to assist the greenhouse caretaker, Yukichika Saeki... an incubus! Once Kenji learns the tragic story behind Yukichika's scarred face, he agrees to help quell Yukichika's lunar cravings... A sweet love story between a hard-working angel and a demon afraid of romance.
There are also fifteen bonus pages recounting the days before Chihiro and Kei's passing from Kei's point of view.
Includes four digital-only pages.

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Angelic Whispers Bring Demons to Their Knees [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

Relationships intertwining the angels and demons working in the other realm's business district since their days in the living realm are still very much intact...[204pages]
Pages: 204
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author : Emu Soutome publisher : Takeshobo co.,ltd. Tenshi no Sasayaki wa Akuma wo Otosu

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