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A super sweet story! Kichiro is pretty clueless, but he's determined to win Natsuo over. I enjoyed watching Natsuo react to Kichiro's honesty.
These two jump into bed quick! Asami's a bit of a sadist and Kaito isn't honest about his feelings, but they start getting closer and sweeter as the story progresses.
Fast-paced, but sweet, with lots of smut and a cute couple.
Could be a one-shot, this volume does stand on it's own. Yuu's a bit of a sexually-precocious brat, so it's hard to like him and the teacher doesn't have much of a personality until the sex scene. Yuu may intentionally push his teacher to the breaking point, but if you're into fully consensual sex, this isn't for you.
I liked the first and second couple's stories, but the third, "I'm Weird But Please Love Me" was a bit unsettling - there's some gaslighting, stalking, etc. Not my thing, but it might be yours. The first two couples have none of that, just friends realizing feelings for each other and having hot sex.
A sweet story with two likable main characters. If you're looking for proper smut, it doesn't happen until the last volume, but it's well worth the wait. I liked how the love story built up between these two. Some reviewers say the ending feels rushed, but for me, it felt more like I wanted more of these two together later on in their relationship.
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