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very nice artwork so far (I love the character design) - excited to see where the story goes!
Overall, I've enjoyed this manga (very hot sex scenes, great art, I really feel for the male lead) but it's not five star for me because of our female lead, Rio. I like her well enough, but her cluelessness and wide eyed naivete has worn thin narratively for me. Usually I enjoy manga where our leads have a topsy turvy road to realizing and admitting their feelings, but with how slow this manga comes out it just feels like banging my head against a wall seeing Rio just like "whaaa??? what is this????" for what feels like the 9000th time.
absolutely loved this! lots of sweet love and healthy supportive female friendship! if you like your manga mostly sweet with only a teensy dash of sexy, this is for you!
super sweet love story and I absolutely adore both MC's!!
absolutely stunning, gorgeous art WOW! I'm a sucker for a sincere, hopeful, and caring subordinate junior who doesn't know why, they just want so genuinely to help our lead - excited for more!
the male lead is adorable! he's trying so hard to be sexually mean to please his lady, even though all he really wants is to be super sweet to her! and now with a naturally sadistic rival, I feel for him so much! needing different things sexually is definitely relatable for a lot of folks trying to make relationships work. I hope our male lead gets to finally be himself sexually!
I really appreciate this going the non conventional route - our FMC hasn't 'finished' during their encounters so far! definitely different from the usual fare we see, so I'm looking forward to more!
if you're a fan of sweet love and light-hearted misunderstandings, this is definitely worth the price! each story features relatable and likable characters in warm, realistic relationships! I loved each and every story and appreciated the focus on genuine romance (and the dash of sexy fun!)
I'm a giant sucker for the gruff detective trope, and this delivers imo! the story basis is a nice twist on the infidelity narrative. our female lead is very likable - she wants everyone to be happy (even though she tries to make that happen in a strange roundabout way!) The art is cute, and the love scenes are steamy! I can't wait for the next issue <3
sweet (but not saccharine), hot with a pure hearted love affair between human woman and beast man! hana (our human female lead) is gentle, kind, and determined to be a successful human teacher to the beast children. sana (our beast man lead) is loyal, protective, and clearly loves hana incredibly deeply. a wonderful story so far full of heart centered sex and a beautiful, ever deepening relationship!
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