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This is really cute so far! The line work is really great and the characters are fun (I really like Kotori). The only thing I didn't like is the cover art - it makes Kotori look like an underage child with a binkie in her mouth :/
cute so far! the artwork is beautiful with vivid colors, and I'm really curious to find out more about Lady Yan and LingLing's curse!
I really like the art style! A nice easy read that I found pretty hot :)
this was funny and surprisingly cute!
look it's just really refreshing to see a story where it's an old college crush and not a childhood friend hahaha - a college crush feels so much more believable than a childhood friend who's been in love with someone since they were a child!
this was really cute - a fun quick read!
this is a sweet series really centered around small-town life, which the FMC is adjusting to with the help of all the fun townsfolk, and a super hunky and respectful local fisherman! this one is a great deal for the cost so give it a chance!
this is cute so far, but it does have a bit of a seinen vibe
like the first review stated, it is similar to over-cumming writers block, but I find Saya to be a far better female lead (the female lead in ocwb is so incredibly annoying and dumb!) so I'm enjoying this a lot more. kazuhide (the male lead) is a cad but he's not the worst character and comes off a bit realistic to be honest. all in all its a decent series so far and one I'm willing to follow!
okay this definitely had a lot more comedy than I was expecting, but I really like it so far!