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this was really cute - a fun quick read!
this is a sweet series really centered around small-town life, which the FMC is adjusting to with the help of all the fun townsfolk, and a super hunky and respectful local fisherman! this one is a great deal for the cost so give it a chance!
this is cute so far, but it does have a bit of a seinen vibe
like the first review stated, it is similar to over-cumming writers block, but I find Saya to be a far better female lead (the female lead in ocwb is so incredibly annoying and dumb!) so I'm enjoying this a lot more. kazuhide (the male lead) is a cad but he's not the worst character and comes off a bit realistic to be honest. all in all its a decent series so far and one I'm willing to follow!
okay this definitely had a lot more comedy than I was expecting, but I really like it so far!
Okay this series is a steal for the price, and you get beautiful art and so far, a slightly bittersweet one-sided love triangle between two woman and a hapless man. Give this hidden gem a chance!
This is really cute so far! the art is fantastic and I love the female lead!
this is a really cute yuri series so far! a beer loving older woman and the serious up and coming company ace! love it and can't wait for more!
it's okay? characters are pretty one dimensional, the female lead comes off a bit childish, the whole thing just felt kind of flat.
so I'm not super into big muscle dudes in real life, but I'm obsessed with bara dudes in love manga! this is a super cute story so far of two people clumsily stumbling into romance - loads of funny and cute moments will leave you rooting for the main characters!
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