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yes this is the kinda stuff im here for! a FMC in her mid thirties and a nonconventional setup - cant wait for the next episode!
I think it's cute so far, and I like the art!
fantastic clean and cute art, with a sweet short story of love and really hot sex! I re-read this one alot ;)
I love love love yaoi with a super cute, smaller aggressive top and big and manly yet charmingly naive straight guy bottom and this definitely delivers! worth the price imho, and the secondary story is pretty cute (but a much more shallow story).also that little after story bit was hottt!
like the review above, this is something a little different than the usual fare we see - I like the characters so far, the art style is nice, and I want to see where this goes!
yesss I am here for a FMC that is the cool chick but secretly just wants to be spoiled and treated like a princess (hahaha maybe a little too relatable!) and an earnest, open male love interest <3
really fantastic artwork including a few full color illustrations (though if you're not into beefier bara looking dudes you may want to skip) and chock full of fun quick little stories - a charming, and surprisingly heart centered collection!
very nice artwork so far (I love the character design) - excited to see where the story goes!
Overall, I've enjoyed this manga (very hot sex scenes, great art, I really feel for the male lead) but it's not five star for me because of our female lead, Rio. I like her well enough, but her cluelessness and wide eyed naivete has worn thin narratively for me. Usually I enjoy manga where our leads have a topsy turvy road to realizing and admitting their feelings, but with how slow this manga comes out it just feels like banging my head against a wall seeing Rio just like "whaaa??? what is this????" for what feels like the 9000th time.
absolutely loved this! lots of sweet love and healthy supportive female friendship! if you like your manga mostly sweet with only a teensy dash of sexy, this is for you!
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