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LOVE IT! New favorite. The vampire (white hair, "bottom") ends up getting himself into a sticky situation with a human (black hair, "top"). The vampire is drawn to this average-looking human because his blood just smells THAT good! He can't resist it! He goes for a quick bite, but in a funny twist, the human is a huge masochist and gets turned on when he's bitten. He agrees to let our cute little vampire continue to feed on him, but only if he verbally abuses him and treats him like a slave! I love the dynamic of a cheeky masochist who's a total tease, and a feisty sadist who can't say no to his delicious meal.
I'm a sucker for a bossy bottom/a bottom who leads so this is actually pretty good. It'll be interesting to see how the relationship between Rei and Nazu develops, too, since it seems to be kinda complicated. Just hope it doesn't get too messy and break any hearts.
It's ok... I'm sick of the younger/smaller tops though, I feel like it's the only thing around nowadays. But yeah, the cute little "girly" one is the top, in case you were wondering.
Fantastic! The first story about the brothers instantly shot up to one of my top favorites. It was so, so, so yummy. I love it when the bottom is a tease and gets possessive/aggressive. I'd love to see more of the brothers in the future. The other stories were ok, but the first story alone was enough for me to give this five stars. ?
Fantastic! I love a good pushy/bossy bottom and a flustered top. The art is good, the story is good, I like characters... what more do you need? I just wish there was more out to read right away. Can't wait for the next volumes!
Fantastic if you enjoy a smaller seme topping a smaller uke. But I feel like that's ALL you find on this site, and I'm sick of it. If the smaller one had been the bottom, I'd be all for this. But I'm overwhelmed with smaller tops at the moment.
First review I've ever written on here but I have to because this was amazing. It immediately shot into my top 3. I love the main characters and the dynamic between them. SO hot! I can't wait for more!
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