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Definitely worth a permanent purchase! It starts out sort of silly with a typical setup but then quickly becomes really fun and heartwarming as the friends get closer to one another. The steamy scenes are extra steamy and I love the art style. If you love happy endings, fun sex, and attractive men being domestic this is definitely the manga for you!
I definitely wish this one was longer! The cover gives you a good indication of the kind of silly pairings you're going to experience when you read it. They are all lovable sexy idiots and there is plenty of smut to go around!
I generally don't go for heavy fetish themed stories but this one had a couple of good reviews and seemed sort of sweet and funny. I wasn't disappointed. the main characters gradually get to know each other and have a warm relationship as they start to fall in love. The typical angst, obsessions, or borderline sadistic behavior that you might expect from a fetish / hyper kink ultra sexy story aren't present. What you get are two people who come together under unusual circumstances and end up falling in love without too much heartbreak. I had to own it permanently because I couldn't get over the Seme's tenderness and straightforward sense of humor.
I was worried that it would be a little bit of a stuffy political drama but it didn't get too specific with all the ins and outs of the main characters occupation. Instead it ended up being an interesting character-driven story it was super spicy with a happy ending.
Unohana's work tends to be bittersweet but this one was only a little bit lonely. You can really understand Kiyoto's feelings as he lets himself easily be lifted into Taizo's arms. Lots of sexy times but also lots of true affection. Be sure to read the second one in this series for a complete story!
I really enjoyed the nostalgic art style but the pacing was slow and the plot wasn't all that interesting. It was like watching a political drama on television rather than reading a romance. I wanted to be able to feel the emotions the characters had for each other and understand the flavor of their love better. It felt like I learned more about Japanese elections than how Kamoi I felt when Takagi touched him.
I loved this title! The heroine is a little silly but earnest and smart. she's the kind of girl you'd want to be a friend of yours and not the typical pushover you sometimes see what these types of romances. The male lead isn't overly sadistic or cruel he's just forthright and a really caring person. I wish I could read more about this couple it really made me laugh and smile.
Ive always enjoyed Yugi Yamada's work and this is no exception. Her partnership with Saki-sensei produced a charming story that warms your heart and makes you yearn for the happiness of the main characters.
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