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This manga is full of little needles that prick at your heart! The characters are relatable and the oddball art style just makes things more heartwarming. It's a part of a series written by the same mangaka and gives you a bit of a background as to how some of the couples in the private detective agency manga get together.I liked it a lot however my only complaint is that after such a compelling moment just before the end it feels like there's no real resolution. The whole thing just stops and I was looking forward to learning at least a little bit about what happened to these characters as a part of an epilogue or an extra chapter. I haven't read the other books in the same series so I don't know if what I'm looking for is buried in the pages of one of the other mangas or not.I guess I just wanted more time for them to love each other lol
Ridiculously sexy and funny at the same time! If you're in the mood for something really spicy and practically angst free then this is a good read. The "I look like a bottom but really I'm a top" theme isn't usually one I go for but this was well done. The office hunk and the bristly tsundere get together for LOADS of hot sex literally everywhere then eventually share their true feelings in a sweet way.There's also a bonus couple at the end but I won't spoil it because it was a nice surprise for me too!
If you love lovable idiots and the people who love them you are going to absolutely adore this manga! The premise is fun and mixes in a little bit of mysticism into a typical college slice of Life. What's great about it is that even though there's a little bit of angst most of the tension is humorous until it's time for the big moment where everyone has to put their feelings on the line. I really enjoyed every moment of reading this one and can understand why it has so many other five star reviews!
I was immediately hooked even before finishing the first chapter! It's so light-hearted but not air headed if that makes any sense at all LOL. This story about a couple of lovable idiots trying to fall in love with each other is the perfect read to cheer you up and make you smile. It's funny and sweet and definitely worth renting permanently because you'll want to read it more than once
I absolutely loved this title and I'm so happy I purchased it permanently rather than renting. It's definitely a mature story that develops carefully over the five chapters contained within. I really enjoy the fact that the conflict and angst came from the uncertainty we all feel as we grow up And try to find ourselves. It wasn't heavy-handed or full of too many tropes and I genuinely liked all of the characters. It's a little bittersweet at times but everything works out well in the end.
The main story was nice and incredibly classy. The seductive gentleman type is definitely portrayed well and the sex scenes are gratifying. I didn't care much for the side stories though, they were a little hard to follow and felt sort of rushed. When taken as a whole the anthology is nice but I likely would have rented it for a short read rather than purchasing it permanently I known.
Definitely worth a permanent purchase! It starts out sort of silly with a typical setup but then quickly becomes really fun and heartwarming as the friends get closer to one another. The steamy scenes are extra steamy and I love the art style. If you love happy endings, fun sex, and attractive men being domestic this is definitely the manga for you!
I definitely wish this one was longer! The cover gives you a good indication of the kind of silly pairings you're going to experience when you read it. They are all lovable sexy idiots and there is plenty of smut to go around!
I generally don't go for heavy fetish themed stories but this one had a couple of good reviews and seemed sort of sweet and funny. I wasn't disappointed. the main characters gradually get to know each other and have a warm relationship as they start to fall in love. The typical angst, obsessions, or borderline sadistic behavior that you might expect from a fetish / hyper kink ultra sexy story aren't present. What you get are two people who come together under unusual circumstances and end up falling in love without too much heartbreak. I had to own it permanently because I couldn't get over the Seme's tenderness and straightforward sense of humor.
I was worried that it would be a little bit of a stuffy political drama but it didn't get too specific with all the ins and outs of the main characters occupation. Instead it ended up being an interesting character-driven story it was super spicy with a happy ending.
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