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It was cute, it was hot, it was funny, it was wholesome.... what more can someone, anybody, ask from this!?!?!? I could totally BINGE two other volumes cause damn it's just *chef kiss* perfect!!! I truly wish there was more!!!! **SPOILER** kind of[I want to see the wedding so bad!!!!]
IT'S SO GOOD!!! So funny and yet has a cute side xD
I want more!! It was just so cute and wholesome and funny, I really liked it!! And the art was just amazing too!! I really hope to see more stories like this and I would love to have an extra or something, I could binge in another volume right now seriously xD
Really cute! I loved it, it was pretty enjoyable and the art was amazing :3
I love it!!! The art it's superb and the story it's cute, funny and hot!! :3
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