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At first I wasn't convinced because of the dub con but it was for just a second and the whole story is so funny and like chill that it's really enjoyable, turns out is funny and the end is kind of cute lol also the art is wonderful 10/10 would love to see the married life of these guys xD
They're so cute it's one of my favorites, I can read it many times and not get tired of it, is one of those good reads that you want to repeat!!! I read somewhere there's a third volume? Hope there is and they bring it here, can't get enough!!!
This is absurdly beautiful, cute, romantic, I LOVE IT!!! Beautiful couple, beautiful art, perfect!! 20/10
It was so cute!! I started it without reading any summary or reviews and I can say it was a really pleasant surprise. Funny and sweet and the reverse couple was a very positive surprise!! I really liked this title, hope we get to see more from this author and this kind of stories!!
It was cute, it was hot, it was funny, it was wholesome.... what more can someone, anybody, ask from this!?!?!? I could totally BINGE two other volumes cause damn it's just *chef kiss* perfect!!! I truly wish there was more!!!! **SPOILER** kind of[I want to see the wedding so bad!!!!]
IT'S SO GOOD!!! So funny and yet has a cute side xD
I want more!! It was just so cute and wholesome and funny, I really liked it!! And the art was just amazing too!! I really hope to see more stories like this and I would love to have an extra or something, I could binge in another volume right now seriously xD
Really cute! I loved it, it was pretty enjoyable and the art was amazing :3
I love it!!! The art it's superb and the story it's cute, funny and hot!! :3