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The main guy is pretty creepy ngl, but I'm interested to see how this goes.
The couple is very cute and I'm excited to see more of how they interact together!
I can't wait for more chapters! Her boyfriend is 2 now OMG and theyre both hot aa
Plot is very interesting and it keeps making me want more every chapter I read. The hot scenes are reasonable and sexy. The art style is gorgeous and it's well worth the money.
This was such a satisfying and amazing read! I easily fell in love with the characters and the angel is super hot. I do wish there was more though but I love how the angel treats the MC. They're super sweet together and though the premise is the angel wants to be bad, it's still very sweet.
Finally a yaoi manga with an actually satisfying ending. The characters were very interesting and I love the little bit of angst every now and then. Nothing too major but definitely a reality for some people. I enjoyed this one a lot!
The art is very beautiful and though the story is under a pretty cliche premise, it is pretty interesting still. Also very steamy for the first chapter so I'm expecting it'll get steamier from here. Excited to see the next chapter!
The main guy is really hot and oooohh boooyy this is gonna be spicy
I love the art and looks like it'll be interesting from here on out.
I like it but the typical shoujo romance is rubbing off where they don't talk to each other, kinda annoying but the scenes are definitely good.