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Overall, this is a really sweet story that also has some great hot, spicy scenes. Some might find it a bit overly sweet, especially towards the end, but I really enjoyed it.
Really cute and oddly inspiring. I'm a fan of the "useless boyfriend" trope, but this time it was extra good, without going into spoilers, because of how they grow as people. If you want a cute story with some good sex scenes, that will also make you want to try harder at your dreams, this is the manga for you!
While it's not deep, I did find it entertaining and the art is very good. There's the title story and then three short, one chapter stories; one of which is about Tomoyuki from "Taira the Bully" which was really nice! If only having a few sex scenes is a deal breaker, be forewarned, although I didn't mind, the flirting was cute and hot.
The various stories were really cute, the art is good, and the action was pretty hot. If you're fine with the basis of plots being fairly ridiculous, then you'll have fun.
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